Our Farmer Survey Has Launched!!

Are you farming* or thinking about farming* in Durham County?  

Do you have concerns or interests in ensuring your farming success and being part of a growing local food economy?

Are there issues or ideas you’d like to raise to your community, your elected officials, and to local and national support agencies?  

Are there policies or gaps that you’d like to see better addressed?

Then please join us in raising our voice by taking this survey, which is gathering input from Durham County growers**.  Follow this link to a short online survey (should take 15 minutes) to share your input:


Now is your chance to have your voice be heard on your farming issues and needs! The Durham Farm and Food Network (DFFN)*** is conducting a survey of local farmers, and those interested in becoming farmers, to gather information that will support our work, and inform our discussions across the Durham community and with our elected officials.

Information we gather here will help us raise a collective voice when discussing and prioritizing policy changes, and when seeking grants and organizing support for our Durham County farming community. It will help guide decision making and planning – and it will make sure that we are able to focus on the things that matter most to Durham County growers!

*”farming” includes any land used to grow or raise food or natural products for your family or others (including sale or donation).

**Those interested in taking the survey can also write to nicole.connelly93@gmail.com or join us at our next DFFN Farming and Natural Resources meeting to complete the survey live.

***This survey has been developed in collaboration with community members from DFFN’s Farming and Natural Resources Action Circle, and from partner organizations. For more information on the network, please see our webpage:



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