Food Justice and Food Security

This Action Circle is working to create a just food system that provides food for all by improving equity and responding to the needs of the Durham community.

End Hunger Durham (the shorthand name for this Action Circle) is currently working closely to create a network between food pantries and other service providers in Durham. We have public meetings to keep everyone engaged in the work happening in our community!

Join us for the launch of our new Food and More project, designed to engage food pantry clients in accessing the community resources that best meet their needs. Ultimately, connections to additional resources of all kinds improves access to more food and healthier options. Food pantries are invited to participate directly. Community members are encouraged to suggest resources, donate, and/or volunteer. We are grateful to the Duke Community Care Fund for starter funds for this project.

Go to our website to find information on what we are working on with food pantries in Durham, including a map of pantries in Durham!

Previous meeting notes can be found here:

DFFN Food Justice and Security Action Circle 3.16.16 Notes

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