Poster Boards

This information was collected from attendees of the Public Forum on poster boards at the entrance to the church.


Board I.

What challenges exist for food and farming in this community?

We need organization

How do African American farmers get back their land from past 70 years?

Lack of communication and education

Startup funding

Economies of scale

Competing agendas/politics

The price of land and housing

Racism and economic disparities

Cost of land

Inequality/racism/education privilege/politics/awareness/funding/tobacco history


Board II.

What priorities should a Durham food policy council focus on?

Zoning to allow farming on city-owned property

Nutrition in schools- school lunches are not healthy

A plan to move forward

Access to education in schools

Cultural competence


Access for all



Better communication between groups working on issues

Fair and equitable land holding

Healthy and affordable food- accessible in lower income neighborhoods


Board III.

What assets does Durham have in food and farming?

People who care and people who want to produce

Vacant land and long growing season

Space/land/faith base/private/government

Academic resources at Duke, Central and Durham Tech

Diversity and pride

Greater Duke community (clubs, students, faculty)

In the African American community I see few assets

Lots of tobacco farmers with lot of experience and equipment

Knowledge of growing food for many generations

Great community partners in organizations that are non-food related such as Reinvestment Partners


Board IV.

What opportunities exist for food and farming in this community?

Unused open space

Black farmers can’t farm until land is retained

Community gardens are great- I love veggie van!

Urban farms and/or individual businesses

Local support for African American farmers


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