01.27.15 Minutes

Durham Farm and Food Network Taskforce Meeting
January 27, 2015

Rochelle Sparko (Carolina Farm Stewardship Association), Sandy Demeree (resident), Delphine Sellars (Durham Cooperative Extension, Mt Haven Community Center), Thomas Becket (Carolina Common Enterpise), Kenisha Bethea (Durham Health Innovations), Debbie Royster (Durham Health Innovations), Michele Nowlin (Duke Environmental Law Policy Clinic), Ben Filippo (CFSA), Jen Isherwood (Partnership for a Healthy Durham), Allison Lee (Duke), Daniel Ahlquist (Duke), Grant Ruhlmna (DPS Hub Farm), Arei Berunbaum (Ninth Street Bakery), Daniealla Uslan (UNC-HPDP), Mich Kordsmeier (Self-Help), Janie Novak (Holy Infant Community Garden), Lara Khalil (VA Hospital), Megan Avise Carroll (Durham City County Sustainability Office), Bob Gallagher (Holy Infant Community Garden), Rose Green (Feed My Sheep), Megan Bolejack (Care Share), Mike Dubree (Durham County Soil and Water), Jared Cates (CFSA), Tonya Tayloer (Triangle Land Conservancy, Mt. Level Community Haven), Eliza Boardly (Inter-Faith Food Shuttle), Luciells Patterson (Durham Parks and Rec), Wanona Satcher (Durham City NCIS), Dawn Hill-Alsotn (Durham City), Stan Holt (United Way of the Greater Triangle), Abbey Piner (CEFS), Tyler Jenkins (Carolina Common Enterprise).


Tonya Taylor welcomed the group and shared the history of Mt. Level Community Haven. The Parker family donated the house and land to the church. Currently the Haven has raised bed gardens. There will be a fruit orchard and opportunities to learn on how to maintain. There is a learning center, which holds educational sessions and health screenings.

Rose reviewed the agenda. All attending members introduced themselves.

There were two groups around food prior to the start of this network. One was the Durham Food Prosperity Council. It was started about four years ago. It was a grant-funded project – had some policy successes including allowing commercial production with in the city limits. Mayor Bell sanctioned the second group, Durham Network of Agriculture, under the leadership of Wanona Stallings at Neighborhood Improvement Services. This group was looking at how to pull together a food policy group.   These two groups have merged into the current Durham Farm and Food Network Taskforce.

Build Connections
All participated in a get-to-know you ice breaker.

Shared Learning:
Tonya and Rose shared about the Food Council Conference held in Winston Salem in December. Some of the highlights include:

  • Connecting state to local resources and grants
  • Resource fair, networking
  • Food shed and land use planning- how different counties have worked with land use
  • Innovative ways to plan – for long term
  • Forsyth is discussing clumping the land. X amount of land will be preserved for farming.
  • Key Note: Colorado- Importance of making connections and the network of people can bring food policy to the forefront in their organization/area to make change.
  • Demonstrating council impact: how to create a toolkit- best practices manual- how can councils assess themselves
  • Collective impact- understanding collective impact and introduction to a community collective impact toolkit
  • Great opportunity to network, network, and network!

Group Discussion

  • Folks who are experiencing food insecurity need to be a part of the group.
  • Got to go to the people- twice a month – come help at Rose’s Feed My Sheep. Jay Henderson, food bank.
  • Outreach to a Latino community- more outreach needed. Not possible to get everyone in the room- someone who can share their voice
  • Everyone needs a place at the table
  • Farmworker representation
  • Importance of buy in from county elects – what is the ultimate focus of the council?
  • Coffee with Council – is an opportunity meet with council
  • Pack meetings- know your district. February 14 is the first pack meeting
  • Durham has a lot of citizen groups- Importance of interacting with other boards
  • Google link to food strategy document- -a physical document for council, community engagement
  • Durham county agricultural plan
  • Farm land preservation board has 2 openings if people are interested

On the Horizon
Work Plan
Jared reviewed the work plan. Any comments or ideas share with Eliza. The goal at the end of August is to have completed planning for the council and to have the first food council meeting.


  • Collective Impact Training. About 13 people were interested in participating in the training. From that group, there were 2-3 who were interested in being leaders to train the whole group.
  • It is tentatively planned for late February. Being put on by Community Food Strategies team.

February Meeting

  • Need to set a date.
  • Agenda items include: working agreements, break outs for workgroups (council charter development, action planning, relationship development)
  • Tonya, Michelle and Rose have agreed to help plan February meeting.

Grant Applications

  • TLC is a fiscal sponsor for a Triangle United Way grant application that will be submitted in late Feb – it will be regional and cover council development support for Durham, Orange, Wake and Johnston Counties
  • Z Smith Reynolds- Jared has a call on Wednesday to determine if it’s worth applying. Care Share possible fiscal sponsor.
  • Duke Hospital – possible funding from ACA
  • Burt’s Bee’s
  • Whole foods is not an option for the 5% Day
  • Public Health funders- BCBSNC Foundation
  • Weaver street market community
  • Pew

Care Share Health Alliance
Megan Bolejack gave an introduction to Care Share Health Alliance. Care Share will be providing facilitation to the process in Durham and Orange.

Next Steps
Volunteers self-identified to be part of a planning group to set the February meeting. Tonya is leading these efforts. Volunteers agreed to participate in Train the Trainer opportunity around Collective Impact in Feb/March. Jared is leading these efforts. Volunteers agreed to help with community outreach before the Feb meeting. Sandi is leading these efforts. Volunteers agreed to help write grants / find money for the council. Jared is leading these efforts. Be on the look out for a Feb. meeting date.