03.19.15 Minutes

Durham Farm and Food Network
Taskforce Meeting
March 19, 2015

Ground Rules

  • Begin and end on time
  • Listen Attentively
  • One Speaker at a time
  • Stick to task and topic
  • Share the floor
  • OK to disagree…please do so respectfully
  • Turn off/vibrate devices 

Desired Outcomes

Develop DFFN Guiding Values/principles
Identify DFFN Common Purpose
Design next steps
**Added Who’s at the table- engaging more stakeholders


Reviewed Agenda.

Ice Breaker

  • Name and Organization
  • What was the best team, committee, or group that you have been a part of and why (characteristics, accomplishments, feeling)?
  • Groups shared with each and then shared common themes with the large group.
    • Clear Goal/shared goals
    • Having Fun – cohesive
    • Define roles and valued by the team
    • Many collaborators
    • Get on it- take action
    • Trust
    • Flexible/open minded
    • Communication
    • Being able to deal with hard issues
    • Money/funding to do the work

Guiding Values

Individually the group wrote values they felt were important for working together, their commitment to each, and their commitment to Durham. Next, they shared at their table – what values were in common. The groups then shared with the larger group and came up with the list below. After listing – held discussion about narrowing – with the goal to have 5-7 values. The group decided to have the list tiered- values for working together, values for commitment to Durham. Next Step: Megan will draft values and send to the group.

  • Accountability/transparency
    • Know what others are doing and stick with the goal
  • Honest- (being able to handle work/being able to speak up )
  • Energy- having motivation/keeping people excited
  • Preserving Durham heritage (especially through farmland preservation)
  • Creating generational linkages
  • Proactive in looking for connections/networks
  • Inclusivity and community centered
  • Sustainability- lasts over time
  • Collaborative
  • Democratic processes/be a part of the process- show-up
  • Respect
  • Sustainable resilient food system for everyone
  • Equity- power distribution balance/equitable opportunity/ walk the walk


The group had discussion about engaging more of the community before moving forward. The group was unclear about what had been done previously and the documents that have been developed from the public forum and previous meetings. The group had questions about the role of the taskforce vs. the role of the food council. The role of the taskforce is to develop the food council. Next steps from the conversation: 1) Review the information from the previous meetings. 2) Review list of people interested/contacted- send an email to inform large group about what has been happening.


Group began a glossary of terms that need to be defined.

  • Farmland Preservation
  • Food System
  • Sustainability
  • Resiliency
  • Local



  • Good dialogue
  • Icebreaker
  • Getting to know each other
  • Great space
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Great facilitation
  • Kept on track
  • Surface of core question


  • Clarify the purpose of the taskforce vs food council
  • Need a refresher on what has been done previously
  • Develop a clear decision process
  • Meet at a different time
  • Seating- large circle – to see everybody.