04.09.15 Minutes

Durham Farm and Food Network
Taskforce Meeting
April 9, 2015

Attending: Mike Dupree, Eliza Bordley, Jen Isherwood, Jared Cates, Coby Jansen Austin, Tonya Taylor, Sandy Demeree, Debbie Royster, Rochelle Sparko, Abbey Piner, Patrick McGarry, Stan Holt, Lara Khalil.

Ground Rules

  • Begin and end on time
  • Listen Attentively
  • One Speaker at a time
  • Stick to task and topic
  • Share the floor
  • OK to disagree…please do so respectfully
  • Turn off/vibrate devices

 Desired Outcomes

Develop a common understanding of Collective Impact
Develop a common understanding of the work that has been done previously
Identify stakeholders to invite to the taskforce
Design key talking points to use to invite stakeholders
Identify next meeting dates, times, reviewers

Welcome and Introductions

The group shared their name, organization, and a new connection or opportunity they have had since being a part of the DFFN.

Review of the Work so Far

Megan gave a brief overview of the work that has been done to date.   Tonya added that there was a webinar in May of 2014. Jared gave some additional details.

July 2014: Preliminary Discussion on Food Council

August 2014:

September 2014: Forum Planning

October 23, 2014: Durham Farm and Food Network Public Forum

December 2014: Task force Members participated in Connecting For the Future: A Gathering of NC Food Councils

January 2015: Task Force Meeting- Learning exchange and relationship development

March 2015: Task force Meeting- Draft Values for Taskforce 

Megan shared a document with the group that had the DFFN Vision and goals and task force mission and draft values. (See handout.)

Stakeholder Engagement

The group held a discussion about whose perspectives is missing from the task force. There was discussion about clarifying who needs to be a part of the taskforce vs, who should be a part of the future council.

Future council

  • Youth
  • People impacted by food insecurity
  • ESL population
  • Restaurant owners

Task force

  • City of Durham
    • Check with Wanona
  • Farm Organizations
    • Mike will reach out to a contact a Farm Bureau
  • Corporate stakeholder
  • Neighborhood groceries
    • Eliza will reach out to Durham Co-Op
  • Churches
    • Tonya will reach out to a contact.
  • Neighborhood Improvement
    • Sandy will reach out to a contact.
  • Inner Neighborhood Council
    • Mike will reach out to a contact
  • Schools
    • Lara will reach out to Heidi Carter
  • Lara has contacted El Centro Hispano and a representative will be coming to the next meeting.

Develop Key Talking Points

The talking points are clear & consistent key messages to use when inviting stakeholders.

Megan Suggested:

  • Abbreviated version of DFFN Vision
  • Abbreviated version of DFFN Goals
  • Goal of task force
  • Role
  • Wins (WIIFMs)
  • Meeting Logistics

The group decided that the handout with the DFFN vision and goals, and task force mission and draft values would be a good start for the talking points. It was suggested to add time commitment and write out the roles of the task force. Megan will draft a second version of this document and share with the group.

Future Meeting Logistics

Megan checked in about having a leadership team to help draft agenda, setup meeting logistics, and respond to unexpected items (like snow).   Megan will send out to large taskforce to see if anyone else would like to participate. The group held discussion about best times for meetings. Jen, Lara, and Megan will develop a survey to send to large group about barriers to attending the meeting. The group decided to have shorter meetings-1.5 hours at the most. The group decided that in emails about the meeting – to share that people can bring food –bring your own dinner.   Meetings will be shared on Facebook.

Collective Impact Training

Abbey gave a presentation laying the foundation for Collective Impact. (See information attached to the email.)

Parking Lot/Bike Rack

  • Decision Making- Formalizing
  • Raw Milk –policies
  • Communication 


Went Well

  • Progress! Move toward share understanding of why we’re here. (2)
  • Decisions made
  • Clarity on role
  • Great space and agenda (2)
  • Framework/structure
  • Forward motion
  • Ground Rules
  • Space and moving forward
  • Good facilitation that honored both schools of thought re: who should be here on task force. Not easy!
  • Start/end on time thanks!


  • Long
  • Need to list/define role of TF before dive into other activities
  • Long
  • Food x2
  • Beer