05.19.15 Minutes

 Durham Farm and Food Network
Taskforce Meeting
May 19, 2015

Attending: Bobi Gallagher, Monique Bethell, Laura Pyatt, Maritza Chirinos, Lara Khalil, Eliza Bordley, Patrick McGarry, Jared Cates, Blakely Blackford, Sandy Demeree, Noah Marsh, Deborah McGriffin, Sam Hoeffler, Kenisha Bethea, Mike Dupree

Ground Rules

  • Begin and end on time
  • Listen Attentively
  • One Speaker at a time
  • Stick to task and topic
  • Share the floor
  • OK to disagree…please do so respectfully
  • Turn off/vibrate devices
  • Added: self disclosure of confidentiality

Desired Outcomes

  • Identify a decision making process for the Taskforce
  • Develop basic communication guidelines
  • Review survey for taskforce

Welcome and Introductions

The group shared their name, organization, and a goal or hope for the future.

Review of the Work so Far

Megan gave a brief overview of the work that has been done to date.

July 2014: Preliminary Discussion on Food Council

August 2014:

September 2014: Forum Planning

October 23, 2014: Durham Farm and Food Network Public Forum

December 2014: Task force Members participated in Connecting For the Future: A Gathering of NC Food Councils

January 2015: Task Force Meeting- Learning exchange and relationship development

March 2015: Task force Meeting- Draft Values for Taskforce

April 2015: Identification of stakeholders, development key talking points, survey development

Decision Making

Megan proposed Consensus Decision Making– Consensus decision-making is where a decision is reached by the group as a whole. Everybody agrees in the end. The process tries to help everyone get what they need.

  • Food Councils already formed using consensus decision making
  • Collective Impact preferred decision making process
  • Values Based decision making

The group held discussion. Some of the group discussion included:

  • It’s an affirmative decision making process
  • Can make an agreement to vote as a majority
  • Folks can see themselves in the decision
  • There are levels of consensus
  • Have a quorum at meetings for consensus
  • Allow people to provide input before and after on items discussed at meetings
  • Be loose for diversity
  • Have deadlines for input
  • Trust the group
  • Be flexible

The group agreed to use consensus decision making allowing input from the group members that were not able to attend. Folks who were not able to attend will have a timeline for providing input. The process to provide input will be to send to facilitator. The facilitator will address or will confer with the leadership team, and/or at the next task force meeting.

  • The group is interested in having a quorum/certain number of taskforce members present at the meeting to be able to have consensus. Megan will send out how many people have been participating at meetings to-date.

Conflict Resolution

The group discussed having a conflict resolution statement. The group agreed to

For any conflict that arises between task force members, individuals involved with have the opportunity to have a facilitated discussion led by a neutral facilitator outside of regular meetings to address the conflict, discuss resolutions, and maintain the working relationship.

Conflict of Interest

The group discussed having a conflict resolution statement. The group agreed to

For any action or decision that directly involves or potentially benefits a partner agency, that agency representative must declare upfront their conflict of interest and will remove himself or herself from the decision making. The task force member can participate in the discussion.


Megan drafted and shared a table of current communication processes (see attached in email). Due to time restrictions, the group decided to have a committee review and propose suggestions to the communication processes.   The group will report out at the next meeting. Volunteers: Jared, Eliza, Monique and Megan agreed to participate in the meeting.

Review of Last Meeting Items

  • New folks have been invited to attend. (And did attend!) Folks can continue to invite people to be a part of the taskforce.
  • Key Talking points were developed and sent out for review to taskforce. The key points can be used to invited new folks or as needed.
  • Jen and Lara developed a survey to send to task force members to gauge involvement, assess barriers, and figure out best meeting times. The group reviewed the survey. With some suggestions, the group agreed to proceed with surveying the task force. Folks who were not able to attend the meeting can contact Megan to review the survey.


Went Well

  • Group process
  • Good listening
  • Good input
  • Good energy
  • Great input
  • New folks jumped right in
  • Meeting new and lost people
  • Group process “loose”
  • Incorporating feedback
  • Open discussion
  • Decisions made!!!
  • Great to have new folks willing to speak up.

Needs Improvement

  • Understanding difference btwn “group members” and general stakeholders
  • Need to discuss this next time please (comment above)
  • Setting next agenda
  • Still want more diversity at the table
  • Absolutely (comment above) especially those at the effect of food insecurity