07.28.15 Minutes

Durham Farm and Food Network
Taskforce Meeting
July 28, 2015

Attending: Mike Dupree, Betsy Crites, Laura Pyatt, Michelle Madeley, Jen Isher-Witt, Stan Holt, Abbey Piner, Jared Cates, Daniel Ahlquist, Deborah McGriffin, Don Nonini, Rochelle Sparko, LeDarrell Murphey, Kelly Warnock, Kristin Lang, Shiaoching (Ching), Tonya Taylor, Eliza Bordely, Noah Marsh

Ground Rules

  • Begin and end on time
  • Listen Attentively
  • One Speaker at a time
  • Stick to task and topic
  • Share the floor
  • OK to disagree…please do so respectfully
  • Turn off/vibrate devices
  • Self disclosure of confidentiality

Desired Outcomes

  • A shared understanding of the DFFN Communication team updates and identification of next steps
  • A shared understanding of funding updates and identification of next steps.
  • A shared understanding of Whole Measures Community Food Systems Framework to guide future DFFN work.
  • Agreement on timeline and next steps for task force.
  • Individual selection of field area

Welcome and Introductions

The group shared their name and organization.

Communication Team Updates

Facebook will be used to post anything about food systems and councils as well as to promote events. Laura Pyatt and Rochelle Sparko have administrative control. Please send items to be posted on FB to Laura- laura@durham.coop

Listserve update- the group agreed it to be a wide open list serve. Jared found out that there is a list serve that already exists. He is going to find out who maintains it and if we can use it. There will be notification options- daily, weekly etc. 

Funding Updates

The proposal for the Bert’s Bees funding was written focused on the two priorities discussed at the last meeting- childcare and facilitation. In addition there is funding from Healthy Durham. Proposal includes additional monies for the forum and scholarships to the state food council conference.

Discussion was held about adding funding for incentives for people facing food insecurities to attend. Ideas shared included- gas money, car-pooling, personal invitations, providing dinner. The group decision was to add funding to enhance participation through childcare, transportation, and food.

The Plan for Health Grant – a letter of support was sent in from DFFN to support the grant. The grant will be submitted on July 29, 2015. The announcement of funds will occur in September. The amount is $10,000 for DFFN. It will be used to build capacity within the group.

Whole Measures Community Food Systems Framework

Abbey Piner gave a presentation on the Whole Measures Community Food Systems Framework. The presentation defined the field areas-

  • Justice and Fairness
  • Strong Communities
  • Vibrant Farms
  • Healthy People
  • Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Thriving Local Economies

Task Force Collaborative Agreement Finalize and Signatures

Megan passed out the finalized collaborative agreement. Each member present at the meeting signed that they are in agreement with the document

Moving Forward Proposal (See Document)

Megan presented a proposed timeline (July-December) for the task force to review. There was concern about whether there would be enough time. We adjusted the timeline to provide additional time for the breakout field groups and identification of potential speakers for the August and September meetings. The group agreed to the proposal with the adjustment.


Went Well

  • Exciting to start thinking about content
  • Loved the powerpoint 

Needs Improvement

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