07.29.14 Minutes

Durham Food Council Preliminary Discussion

Meeting Minutes

07/29/2014, Durham Public Health Department
Next meeting: Tuesday, August 12 4:00 PM, 819 North St, Durham

I.            Agenda

  • Warm-Up: Introductions
  • Presentation – The Importance of Local Food Policy Councils
  • Q&A / Reactions
  • Call to Action / Next Steps
  • Cool-Down: Meeting Feedback

II.          Action Items

  • Christy: Write up meeting, save PowerPoint, and provide to Rochelle/Ruth/Kelly.
  • Teisha: Document participants to attach to these minutes and provide to Rochelle/Ruth/Kelly; update contact info in Google spreadsheet as needed. Create a tab for the forum planning team and list their contact information there.
  • Shannon: Share photos and provide link to Rochelle/Ruth/Kelly.
  • Teisha/Jared: Facilitate next meeting – 8/12 Forum Planning.

III.        Decisions Made

  • Host a forum in October to convene food systems stakeholders across Durham and get their input on the formation of a food council or network. Use the forum to passively collect input that can inform next steps on a food action plan. Form a committee to meet once in person, then have a couple of phone calls, over several months, to plan and prepare for the forum. Divide the work up so no one person has too much work.

IV.         Discussion

    • What We Need:
      • Identify the people needed at a public meeting so we can develop a “whole system” perspective in the new council. [including local government, and public officials, underserved populations]
      • Volunteers for planning the public meeting are needed – 1-2 face-to-face meetings, and 2-3 phone calls over the next few months, venue secure for public meeting, plus recruitment for people to attend the meeting, and handle invites, logistics, etc .
    • Background:
      • Durham Food Prosperity Council – no structure or leadership currently in place. They did some mission and action driven work and it petered out because there was no structure in place to sustain the work when grant funding and other leadership ended.
      • DNA and DNAGE were asked to “make a plan” by the Durham City Mayor. This could be one of the first ‘action’ tasks the council undertakes.
  • Voices to include come from four big buckets:
    • Government
    • Industry (usually underrepresented in public, food systems work)
    • Community
    • Growers/Producers
    • communityfoodstrategies.com Provides more information about food councils and their “phases” of development as well as resources and tools.


V.           Looking Forward

  • Next steps:
    • Form Planning Committee to plan public meeting.
    • Spreadsheet will be sent to this meeting’s attendees; each person is to add people in their network that should be invited to the public meeting.
    • Planning committee will circle back with invitations to the whole group to invite to the public meeting.
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, August 12 4:00 PM, 819 North St, Durham. Jared Cates & Teisha Wymore to facilitate and send out agenda. Purpose: develop schedule and work plan for hosting a public forum in October.



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