08.12.14 Minutes


Tues, Aug 12 400 – 5:30 PM

819 North Street, Durham

Decisions Made at July Meeting


Plan a big public meeting to bring the whole community into the food council discussion

Write a letter to the Mayor to update him on the status of DNA/Food Council efforts

Planning Meeting Agenda, August 12

Tuesday, August 12, 4:00 – 5:50 pm

819 N. St, Durham – House of Sandy Demeree


4:00 – 4:20     Introductions & Check In

4:20 – 4:30     Working Name Discussion

4:30 – 4:40     Work Proposals: Six Month Schedule, Event Planning Group & Letter Writing Group

4:40 – 5:00     Split Into Groups

        • Review Work Required for Groups
        • Establish Realistic Schedule / Write Letter?
        • Identify Roles / Next Actions / Next Meeting

5:00 – 5:10     Come Together – Present Group Work and Next Steps

5:10 – 5:20     Checkout – What worked? What to improve? How are we feeling about progress?

5:20 – 5:30     Networking

Meeting notes: 08 12 14

Agenda review

Naming discussion – we will need a public identity that will be both a website, and a spring board for the public meeting, and resulting task force. (temporary name until official entity agrees on a name)

Proposal: Durham Food Council – Round for input:

Counter proposal: add the word ‘network’

Council might have a feeling of nomination or approval process

No exclusion – council might exclude

Network, or security is also important

Durham food network

Food and farm network – not just food but generating food

Network over council


Network is the way to go

Durham county inclusion

Ambivalence Council sounds good – governance, security, public health, encompasses many issues and organizations and giving it some emphasis on the

Names are inherently confounding –leverage network and relationships

Community and network

Durham community farm and food network might be too long

Jared: Durham Food and Farm Network

Durham Farm and Food Network vote

DECISION: Durham Farm and Food Network

Letter to Mayor Bell context – for writing a letter to the mayor. Mayor wants a plan for the city but we need to have a plan for the county.

There is a Durham County agriculture plan developed in 2009 that we ought to review.

Wanona mentions that the city strategic plan has a goal outlined to include the county in the conversation.

Others agree and conversation ensues.

The county has resources as well and we are interested in being inclusive.

DECISION: One letter will be written for both Mayor and County Commissioners

Durham Food Strategy must be a priority of the Durham Food and Farming Network.

Letter will have bullet points but not a strategy – more of a work in progress.

Divide into two groups – Letter writing group and Event planning group

Event Planning for Public Forum for Mid October

Proposal: events around Durham are suitable for outreach about the public forum

NCCU: LaDarrell Murray suggested a promotional event there

Health Department: Kelly Warnock suggested a health fair in September where we could do a tabling event

Jared overviews the Contacts Spreadsheet and the tab for the public forum contact list

GROUP: Populate spreadsheet for invitees contacts

DECISION: Letter writing group will have a DRAFT on AUGUST 22nd to group with intention of getting a letter to the Mayor, the commissioners and city council by September 2.

PROPOSAL: invitation to public at large – Press release: September 15th (media and listservs) and another PR for week  before event.

VIP invites and contacts September 2nd. contacts cold-call  invited by September 15

PROPOSAL: Public forum will be October 21st or 23rd from 6:30-8:00pm

PROPOSAL: Union Baptist Church was proposed as a location. (Roland will check on dates and relay back)

PROPOSAL: SEEDS has a new facility and can be a backup location

PROPOSAL: Childcare potential at the public forum can be provided – (Ben F. will reach out and relay back)

DECISION: wordpress site (like  guilfordfoodcouncil.wordpress.com or orangecountyfoodcouncil.wordpress.com) will created by Tonya Taylor using our new name, and create a short url

DECISION: Wanona and Tonya can help design the flyer and also print

DECISION: Wanona staff can distribute,flyers to (PAC meetings-5 districts) INC meetings and NIS meetings. Wanona can do a presentation to these meeting groups. Teisha will work with Wanona and Tonya on flyer distribution to other groups as needed.

DECISION: Event planning group will meet on September 2nd at 5:30pm – 519 North Street/Sandy’s house.



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