09.09.14 Minutes


Durham Farm and Food Network Tues, September 9, 5:30 – 6:30 PM

819 North Street, Durham

Decisions Made at Sept 2 Meeting



5:30 – 5:35 – Welcome and Introductions – Jared Cates

5:35 – 5:45 – Proposed Durham Farm and Food Network Roadmap Discussion – Jared Cates

5:45 – 5:55 – Update on Forum Location – Sandy Demeree / Michael Wesley / Roland Stanton

5:55 – 6:05 – Letter Update – Rochelle Sparko / Ruth Backstrom / Wanona Satcher / Don Nonini

6:05 – 6:15 – Outreach Update – Jared Cates

  • Website – Tonya Taylor / Teisha Wymore / Wanona Satcher
  • Flyers – Tonya Taylor / Teisha Wymore / Wanona Satcher
  • Press release

6:15 – 6:25 – Logistics for Event – Jared Cates

  • Spanish accessibility – Don Nonini / Karla Capacetti
  • Childcare – Ben Fillipo
  • Public Input Options

6:25 – 6:30 – Set day and time for next meeting.

6:30 –  Break!

Introductions: Tes Thraves (CEFS–youth work), Jared Cates, Rochelle Sparko, Bobi Gallagher, Michael Wesley, Sandy Demeree, Shannon Kelly, Emily Egge, Ruth Backstrom, Wanona Satcher, Tonya Taylor, Roland Staton, Rose Green (DERC and Feed My Sheep), Dan Nonini.

Sandy met with Pastor Wiggins re: space at Union Baptist church on Roxboro. There are three options:

  • Can use 900-seat space (which seems too big), no food, can’t hang stuff.
  • Or can use chapel that seats 150, with easels, and has 4 break-out rooms (no food).
  • Or Fellowship Hall also with 150 seats around tables–not pews as in chapel and sanctuary (food allowed, has screen for powerpoint).

MUST get out by 9 p.m. at the latest. They’ll help us set up tables. Need to set up our own recycle/compost. Church doesn’t do this. No internet unless we ask for it in advance.

Question about tabling of involved organizations: do we want to set this up or not?

Asking about setting up tables–distracts from the purpose. If we could stay in one room it could work but it’s distracting when we’re also moving from space to space. 900 person space is too big. Use the space that allows food and tables (rather than pews). Can we find a place to table other than in the fellowship hall–like by the entrance to the church–maybe in the parking lot, but it’s not lit.

Maybe tabling isn’t important right now–the task force may be able to serve in this role. Find a different way to acknowledge involvement of other organizations/groups.  Maybe a sticky wall where people can stick up their names and organizations so everyone can see who is there. Tabling less important than having a good meeting space.

Went over proposed agenda for the public forum (see google doc).

If there are more than 20 people, we don’t want to move them from one place to another–it’ll take too long, or they might leave.

But we may have more than 150 people. This may not be the place for tabling –that kind of networking can happen later.

Union Baptist hosts lots of events of different types. They use the sanctuary, which is good with speakers and not so much for group engagement. It’ll be hard to do break out groups in the sanctuary and there can be no food.

Shepherds House (@Driver and E. Main) have a room that can hold a couple hundred people. So maybe we could consider that as a location. There is plenty of parking. Larger room, with kitchen attached and we can probably post things on the wall.

The difference between 200 and 150 people is significant–we should consider this as an option.

We need an address soon so we can start publicizing.

Letter update:  Need to draft the changes and get it out. End of next week, letter done. (Sept. 19)

Roadmap: Jared emailed the document to everyone.  Please make updates, edits or changes (in track changes) and email them to Jared.  Also suggest photos for cover page (up to 6)

Durham Food Strategy: Wanona distributed Strategy document (created by Anna, summer intern).  She will email document to us – Action Item: suggests changes or edits, suggest projects or organizations to be included in the report.

Can we include this document on the DFFN website – exactly the kind of content we need to populate it with.

Mayor wants everyone as part of the same conversation, Health Initiative is looking for action steps

Vacant/Lien property policy – looking to better connect vacant land to public good. City and County both have proposals, still working out the barriers and challenges (especially exposure & liability), but making progress to bring different departments and stakeholders together to create jobs and feed people.

Mary Ann Black – DUke University Medical Center: a great interest and will be a great advocate.  Especially on the diabetes front.  Jared will followup

Meeting of Poverty Campaign: This Thursday night.  Are we ready to get the word out to these folks?  If we can set the place tonight!

Pastor John Gumbo – Shepherd’s House, at Driver and E Main.

Roland describes general overview and public forum – Pastor Gumbo “and it’s going to be at Shepherd House!”

Capacity: More than 300, Sanctuary.  Around 75, green room. 100-200, Fellowship Hall.  They can be flexible, so we can select the space as we get closer to the day and have a better estimate from RSVPs.

Welcome Center, near Sanctuary, where food can be set up.  People get it buffet style, and it is possible to eat in the Sanctuary – IF we clean up!.

Otherwise, people generally eat in the fellowship hall. Tends to be a better set up.

There is audiovisual capacity.

Feedback: Invited to see the space this Saturday morning with Feed My Sheep, starting at 7am.

Location is set! At Shepherd’s House!

Childcare: Ben can’t find free childcare

Simplest solution: keep babies with you! More inclusive, no liabilities.

So – families and kids are welcome.

Spanish translation capacity: how do we do this?

Cost for headsets with real-time translation – who can do this? El Centro? Wanona will contact Pilar, ask advice and costs.

Don will reach out to Santos Flores

Wanona: can get the notes translated after the fact.

Is Plan B setting up a separate meeting specifically for the Spanish-speaking community?

Next Meeting: Tuesday, Sept 23 6-7:30pm, potentially at NIS in Golden Belt.  Wanona will check on room availability.

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