09.15.15 Minutes

Durham Farm and Food Network
Taskforce Meeting
September 15, 2015

Attending: Mike Dupree, Betsy Crites, Laura Pyatt, Michelle Madeley, Jen Isher-Witt, Jared Cates, Rochelle Sparko, Eliza Bordley, Bobi Gallagher, Jessica Pope, Eddie Culberson, Drew Marticorena, Annette Hiatt

Desired Outcomes

  • A shared understanding of potential food council structures to guide the development of DFFN structure.
  • An agreement on DFFN structure.
  • A date for the public forum.
  • At least 3 people to volunteer to plan the forum.

Welcome and Introductions
The group shared their name, organization, and response to picture and quote on powerpoint.

Administrative Updates
The contract for facilitation has been extended through January.

Communication Team Updates
Listserve update- the google listserve is up and running. Folks have to accept invitation, you can choose how often you see items for the list serve. Communication team needs additional volunteers. Jen volunteered. Jared will be pulling a meeting together. Please send any items to be posted on FB to Laura- laura@durham.coop

Defining DFFN Structure
Megan reviewed the efforts of the task force to the current point and tentative future events.   Please see the detailed timeline.

Megan shared a presentation on potential food council structures. (See powerpoint).

The group discussed structure options for DFFN:

  • Durham Farmland Protection board- entity already exists, overlaps with DFFN, important to have representation.
  • Importance of equal representation- community members vs organization representatives
  • Have large/broad topics committees
  • Include Land conservation and environment
  • Purpose of DFFN- network or policy—have elements of both.
  • End Poverty Durham- Reverend Williams- an important contact/stakeholder
  • It will be important to review the county strategic plan and link DFFN initiatives to county strategic plan.

The group decided DFFN would have a core network with 4 areas/Committees: 1) Justice/Food Security/Hunger 2) Farming Natural Resources 3) Health 4) Economy. See draft visual.  Megan shared 3 different council charters for review. (See attached) Upcoming meetings will address purpose, membership, decision making, duties of DFFN.

Public Forum Planning
Tentative dates for the public forum are December 4, 8, 10, 11. Betsy, Jared, Laura volunteered to plan the forum. Jared will ask Roland and Betsy will ask LeDarrell if they are interested in helping to plan the event.

Next Meeting Dates
October 20

November 17

December 15

Went Well

  • Slides-visuals
  • Printout of bylaws
  • Bringing the structure formation to the group and having options
  • Open discussion
  • Process identified a good number of groupings
  • Bridging ideas and mechanics – helping to flush out details
  • Snacks

Needs Improvement

  • Location of snacks
  • Have plates
  • Beer at the beginning of meeting
  • Organizing childcare – we need someone to volunteer to coordinate