08.25.15 Minutes

DFFN Task Force
August 25, 2015

Attending: Noah Marsh, Abbey Piner, Michelle Madeley, Sandy Demeree, Stan Holt, Kristin Lang, Jessica Pope, Deborah McGriffin, Betsy Crites, Bobi Gallagher, Daniel Ahlquist, Kelly Warnock, Eliza Bordley, Michelle Nowlin, phone: Monique Bethell

Communication Team Update

  • The google list serve is being developed. When you get the invite, accept to be a part of the list serve.

Whole Measures Community Food System Break Outs

Sustainable Ecosystems
Noah Marsh, Michelle Nowlin
Added to Definition:
Financially viable producers and sellers
Enhances biodiversity and soil health
Current Reality/how do we understand this topic

  • Uncertain, more information needed to describe current reality- eg: water quality data, soil data, wildlife association

What more do we want to now?

  • Additional indicators needed to meet goals
    • Farm profitability
      • Size and gross revenue with mapping
    • Develop bench marks for ecol health
    • Urban gardens/farms
    • Bee hives, varieties of bees and moths
    • Diversity of crops, trends in sales
    • % open space, land use or agriculture
  • Potential speakers
    • CTNC
    • Tobi Fried (Durham Sustainability office
    • Saskia Cornes (Duke Campus Farm)

Individual and Community Health- Healthy People
Kelly Warnock Sandy Demeree

Other people to be invited: Food bank/IFFS, food service industry, distribution system, schools, medical system, duke hospital

We need to concentrate on racial equity.

We need to remember that canned, fresh, frozen, organic, and concentrated can all be healthy.

Justice and Fairness
Betsy Crites and Bobi Gallagher

Racial Equity a priority. Other initiatives come after

Others to invite: Black Farmers group – Tonya Taylor, Food bank

Jobs and job training

Ditribitution center

Marissa Mortiboy to speak on Health assessment

Thriving Local Economies
Michelle Madeley, Stan Holt, Kristin Lang,

How do we understand this topic?

  • Businesses
  • Jobs/living wages
  • Market creation for growers
  • Intermediary infrastructure
  • Food service jobs- low wages
  • Accessible markets (food deserts)
  • Affordable food? Pay farmer fairly? Fair $ on both sides
  • How can we use food as a tool for community development.
  • Restaurants/markets sourcing locally
  • What is the multiplier effect of sourcing locally (eg jobs created, $ circulating)
  • Investment – capital and lending – how do we create capital for these?
  • CSA expansion
  • Technical assistance, legal resources, access to financial capital
  • Financing Capital development
  • Expanding competitive markets
  • Fair price in prod/distribution


  • Farmers Market sales- value of sales, total sales- Durham FM, South Durham FM
  • Sourcing locally – 10% campaign
  • Locally owned businesses
  • Chambers of Commerce – economic
  • Living wage campaign
  • Dept of labor
  • Dept of agriculture
  • Are there farm financing programs- RAFI, CFSA

People to Invite

  • Peter Skillern- Reinvestment Farmers
  • (Bull City Cool)
  • Farmers Market x2
  • Self Help Credit Union- Healthy Food Financing
  • NC Sustainable Business Council
  • Durham Farm Bureau
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Food Hub- Reinvestment Partners

Strong Communities/Supportive Policy
Abbey Piner

  • Not enough people to build out existing reality.
    • Next Step: Call for interest to the whole group and set a small group meeting
  • This group can work to build relationships with city and county government
  • This group can work to educate council and public on how to engage to change policies

People to Invite:

  • Planning Dept- Comprehensive plan
  • I. S.

Vibrant Farms and Gardens
Jessica Pope, Deborah McGriffin, Daniel Ahlquist, Eliza Bordley

Current Reality

  • 2 farmers markets started, 1 coming up
  • 28,000 ag land, 12,000 forestry
  • roughly 245 farms in Durham county
  • Average age of farmers in Durham =57 years

List of Data Available

  • Farmland protection board- 2009 plan
  • NCDA database
  • Open spaces real estate- Durham county
  • Triangle land conservancy
  • Farmer foods have – Durham Public Schools (GAP certified local farms)
  • Agencies, non profits, for profits

List of Data Needed

  • Condensing existing lists
  • Using students (Duke, State, NCCU, etc)



  • BOOM- Build Our Own Movement – NCCU
  • There is concern about too many meetings. What is the purpose of DFFN? Should people who are attending DFFN be attending other group meeting? How can we coordinate better with other groups.
  • Post pone having people speak about topics to discuss purpose of DFFN.
  • When we have speakers- they speak to the group interested not entire group.