10.16.14 Minutes

Attendees: Michael Wesley (Feed My Sheep), Pamela Martin (Feed My Sheep), Martin Green (Feed My Sheep), Don Nonini (Community Member), Teisha Wymore (Community Member), Tonya Taylor (Triangle Land Conservancy), Ruth Backstrom (Transition Durham).


First topic: Food at the event (agenda was adjusted)

Feed My Sheep will be prepared to feed 200 people. We still need to provide cups (with lids), plates (take out boxes), forks, and napkins for the event. Food will likely be mac and cheese and also meat spaghetti. Water and juice will be served. Around $100 is needed to purchase cheese and other items that Feed My Sheep does not have for the meal. Bobi Gallagher already donated $20, the group rounded up another $80 in cash at the table and gave it to Michael to cover the rest of the costs.

Feed My Sheep would appreciate 5-7 volunteers to assist on Wednesday Oct 22 from 3-5pm to unload their TFAP delivery. Please bring a hand truck if you have one available to make moving heavy boxes a little easier. Volunteers should meet at 807 S Duke St. At the corner of S Duke and JJ Henderson.

Second topic: Next steps after the event

Jared Cates presented one option for moving forward after the event. It is listed in the meeting agenda. This would processinclude support from other members of the Food Strategies team. Jared wishes to be part of the task force, however another Food Systems team member would take on the role of facilitator if the group wants to go in that direction. This process would require funding to pay for facilitation. All of the processes and steps to form a food council are also listed at www.communityfoodstrategies.org.

Tonya Taylor from Triangle Land Conservancy (TLC) presented a possible option for funding. Tonya and Ruth Backstrom have spoken about the possibility of finding funding through an AJ Fletcher grant that would possibly pay for a full-time staff person that could be housed at TLC but whose primary job would be providing admin to DFFN, as well as possibly Orange County Food Council, and possibly Chatham County Food Policy Council and the  Capital Area Food Network (Wake). This is being explored as an opportunity to help all of the triangle-area food councils have some sort of paid administrator as they are all getting off the ground. This person would also work with any facilitator(s) that each individual county may or may not choose to use during their the starting phases of their councils. For more information email Tonya Taylor at ttaylor@triangleland.org

Third topic: Outreach for the event

So far there are only 20 some RSVP’s online. Everyone has strong confidence that there will be good turnout. Everyone has heard and seen people talking about this event and the small group was confident that there would be 150-200 at the event.

Final push: everyone please send a reminder email out to all of your networks next week reminding them of this event!

Ben F: you agreed to follow up with folks that were not contacted. Can you please look at the DFFN contact sheet and send an email inviting all of the people who do not already have a “Who Engages” name next to them.

Fourth topic: Agenda of the event

The group walked through the agenda one more time. Everyone agreed that it looked good. There was a desire from the small group to see if Mayor Bell would possibly say a few words at the event. There is an ask of Wanona S to see if she can verify if the Mayor will be there and if he would be willing to speak for 5 minutes after Roland S gives the introduction. Volunteer roles are listed on this agenda, please check to see where you can fit in! Jared C will be reaching out to volunteers who are leading portions of the agenda next week to make sure everyone is clear on responsilbilities.

The Q&A portion will be led by Don N. He will ask the audience to think about what the DFFN could do for the Durham community based on what they have heard about food councils. He will ask them to discuss for 10 minutes in small groups of 5-10 people with the people around them what does everyone see a food council doing in the Durham communities; what opportunities a council might create. Audience members will also be given a pen and an index card as they sign-in to the event. People can also pass up cards to have their comment or question read out loud. Then Don and other members from the planning group will get community input and answer questions around the room. All of this will be recorded by Teisha W, who will also be taking notes of the entire event. These will be shared back with anyone who attends. The information collected during this Q&A and from the poster boards will be sent on the Task Force to inform their work.

The group also discussed the post-it section and how we capture community input. Ruth B and LeDarrell M will both work on a post-it board that gives people the opportunity to rank priorities in the food system. The other poster boards will ask some version of these questions: 1) What opportunities exist in Durham around food and farming? 2) What barriers exist in Durham to agriculture and to healthy food access for all residents? 3)   ?          4)   ?

People will have the chance to give answers on sticky notes and this will be recorded.

Translation in Spanish will be provided for any Spanish speakers that attend the event. Agenda and flyer will be in Spanish at the event. $110 is still needed to pay for this service. The small group covered the $100 for food, can other folks chip in for translation?

After the Q&A and Sandy D encourages attendees to join the task force, then the audience is dismissed to enjoy food and network.

Volunteers are needed to help Feed My Sheep clean up after the event.


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