10.20.15 Minutes

Durham Farm and Food Network Taskforce
October 20, 2015

Attending: Laura Pyatt, Abbey Piner, Craig Pederson, Jared Cates, Mike Dupree, Michelle Madeley, Cyril Murphy, Troy Spindler, Bobi Gallagher, Eliza Bordley, Rochelle Sparko

Communication Team

  • Communication team is in need of new members. Some folks are not able to attend the meetings currently.
  • The Facebook page is growing with new friends. Send items to be posted to Laura Pyatt
  • The website needs to be updated. Jared will update the website or ask another team member for help.
  • Jared will ask Daniel if any of his students are interested in helping with the communication piece.
  • The forum will be a great event to promote through the communication channels.

Forum Planning Team

  • The planning team is looking into space. The space will need to hold 100 people. They have contacted Shepard’s House and Lion Park. Lion Park will cost $370 to use. Laura will ask one of the Lion Park residents about receiving a discount to use the space. Eliza will ask about using the St. Phillips Episcopal Church. The group should be cognizant that the location will determine who may attend.
  • The group decided to move the date of the forum to mid January.
  • The general format of the meeting will include- a welcome and discussion of what the task force has been doing. The group will be divided into the four areas to discuss the data collected and next steps for the formal network.

Other discussion

  • There was discussion about continuing fundraising efforts. Mike will send potential grant opportunities to Abbey. Abbey and Mike will work on fundraising.

Establishing Purpose and Goals
Megan reviewed the timeline and recent decisions about the structure of the Network.

Vision Statement
The group reviewed the vision of the network that was created in 2014. The group felt like it was too long. The group revised the vision to state:

Durham Farm and Food Network envisions a health community committed to local food and farms, environmental responsible initiatives and accessible food for all residents.

Mission Statement
Megan shared a list of mission statements from other food councils and a list of primary functions of food councils. In 2014, the group had chosen as the primary functions 1) share information 2) form a joint messaging campaign, develop a policy agenda that encourages development of a robust local food system and healthy community 4)advocate for specific food system issues.. The group held discussion about other functions and important functions – including- grassroots, education, recommending initiatives.   The group decided on the mission to state:

Durham Farm and Food Network will use the whole systems approach to create partnerships, develop policy, educate and advocate for improvements to the local food system to encourage healthy communities, environmental stewardship, and economic development.

The group also decided to have “who we are statement”.

Durham Farm and Food Network is a grassroots, county-wide collaborative group of diverse, committed, and engaged residents and organizations.

The discussion about goals was moved to another meeting because of time constraints.


Outreach Team
Abbey agreed to help coordinate the outreach team. Mike Dupree and Jared agreed to talk with the county commissioners. Eliza agreed to talk with Seeds. Bobi agreed to talk with community members. Michelle agreed to talk with health related organizations.

Meeting Logistics
The group decided to hold additional meetings to make sure the task force is ready to present at the forum in January. Megan will send out a doodle poll to schedule the meetings.