11.10.15 Minutes

DFFN Task Force Meeting
November 10, 2015

Attending: Santos Flores, Stan Holt, Laura Pyatt, Bobi Gallagher, Eliza Bordley, Abbey Piner, Jen Isher-Witt, Troy Spindler, Mike Dupree, Cheralyn Schimidt, Kristin Lang, Cyril Murphy 


  • Administrative: An USDA grant is open for planning around food councils. It is an opportunity to submit a grant focused on challenges of diversity and inclusion.   There is a planning meeting at 12:30 on Friday at United Way.
  • Communication/Public Forum
    • Created a facebook event for the forum- Join the event!
    • Jared is developing a flyer in English and Spanish for the event.
    • Forum info: January 8th from 6-8 at Duke Memorial
    • General agenda- Gather, share information about what the taskforce has been doing, share data and break out into action team areas
    • Durham Coop is going to cater- Cost -$500
    • Bobi has made contact with the interpretation service- they are willing to provide interpretation
  • Outreach Team- Abbey will get everyone interested in helping with outreach on a conference call. This includes- Mike, Jen, Michelle, Bobi, Eliza, Jared

Network Membership
How do you envision the membership of DFFN?

  • Representation – getting the fullest spectrum
  • Open membership
  • Distinguishing network, people coming together, action oriented
  • From Producers to consumers; all involved
  • Certain number of people from sub groups would represent to group
  • Don’t want too big of a board – cant get quorum- maybe 9 members
  • Transparent- sharing minutes – email, maybe posting at the library
  • Use Whole Measures
  • Different ages/cover lifespan
  • Ethical and cultural diversity 

Proposal for membership:

Network Open:

  • Have a process
    • Develop a form- Name, Organization if applicable, area of interest, skills, level of participation interest (high will attend meetings, medium will attend occasional meetings)

Convening/Coordinating Team:

  • Has a minimum/maximum number
  • Has specific representation (priority area/workgroup- chairs, general members, organizations, government?)
  • Has terms

Resource Team

  • Experts
  • Government 



  • Network will be open (no minimum/maximum number)
  • Task forces will develop a form – could include Name, Organization if applicable, area of interest, skills, level of participation interest (high will attend meetings, medium will attend occasional meetings
  • To become a member of DFFN individual will have to fill out the form
  • DFFN list serve will continue to be a form of sharing information
  • Website could be used sign up for DFFN
  • Website could be used as a forum
  • Balanced impactful group- empowered, creative bonds, can make an impact on what directly impacts them

DFFN Coordinating circle

  • Will include representation from each of the action circles (2 from each group)
  • Will include community DFFN members
  • Will include administrative members
  • Role: provide checks and balances for all of DFFN
  • Role: Communication Hub-
    • Communicate information in and out to action circles
    • Communicate potential conflicts between action circles
    • Communicate cross related items/actions
  • Role: holds DFFN accountable to
    • whole systems
    • values
  • Role: facilitates decision making

DFFN Action circles

  • Will include topic resource people
  • Government representatives can choose to be in the work groups
    • Govt representatives can decide if there is a conflict of interest
  • Role: will be able to make decisions on actions/priorities


  • November 18th 5:30-7:00 pm- Durham Gardner’s Happy Hour at Bull City Cool at Bull City Cool.


Went well

  • Good events
  • The proposal
  • Framing
  • Good sharing
  • Room not so hot
  • So many people brought food to share

Needs improvement

No suggestions