11.05.14 Minutes

Meeting attendees: Jared Cates, Sandy Demeree, Rochelle Sparko, Karla Capacetti, Eliza Boardley, Kelly Warnock, Sandy, Leigh Williams, Rose Greene, Michael Wesley, Tonya Taylor, Emily Egge, Tes Thraves, Shannon Kelly



  1. Forum Recap
  2. Funding
  3. State Convening
  4. Next Steps
  5. Adjourn


1) Forum Recap

Jared – What worked well or could have been done better in our planning for the public forum event? What worked well or could have been done better on the actual night of the event?

Sandy – I thought the event was phenomenal. It was great when everyone broke into groups, everyone was on fire, lots of young and old people mixing and talking. Now is really the critical time to keep people engaged. I think it worked well because everyone could contribute and give their own opinion in many different ways.

Rochelle – I liked the people reporting back part because I had not heard some of the issues that were brought up by Durham citizens like land loss for African American. I feel that the process worked well.

Karla – I liked that there were so many different types of people there. Everyone had an opportunity to talk and say their piece in different ways. Having the opportunity to sit down with people I didn’t know during the dinner was especially awesome. One thing that didn’t work too well was the input area with the sticky notes. The space wasn’t really well fitted for people to stand there and fill out notes.

Eliza – I agree with everything that has been said.  Event went so well b/c of everyone’s hard work from this group. Excited to be more involved in these steps moving forward. IFFS is committed to helping move forward and have told me that I can donate work time towards this effort, which is great. One thing that would have been good when breaking out into small groups would maybe be having people count off and break into groups by numbers. This can make it a little more mixed. I ended up with a group of other young white women because we all happened to be late. It would have been nice to be able to interact with people that weren’t just immediately sitting around you.

Leigh – I thought the break out session was the most beneficial. Good to hear what role people felt they had in the food system and what their specific interests are.

Kelly – I thought it was wan amazing diverse group. It was good to see faces I knew, some even from Orange County, some that I didn’t know. The food was especially great! It would have been good to have a vegetarian option. We do live in a food conscious city and it would be nice to accommodate people with vegetarian needs at future DFFN events.  The process was good. There also was a county/city meeting this week around collaboration. The county commissioners very much into food and this would be a good time to approach them about DFFN.

Emily – l liked that the event wasn’t in an expected place, like a downtown office meeting space or something like that.  The set-up did make break out groups and postering a little more awkward. I was really happy with how many people showed up that I didn’t know or people that I wouldn’t expect to have an interest in this type of event. I honestly was a little disappointed that we didn’t have more corporate type people there. Those folks do have power and sway and have a voice and pocketbook that people will listen to; we should figure out how to get them more interested in this effort. I would have loved to see some folks from Burt’s Bees, from Goodman/Capital Broadcasting. Whole Foods was there. Burt’s Bees and BCBS were interested but could not make the meeting.  I’m looking for companies that can make that impact by agreeing to purchase more local food and companies that are passionate about community engagement and who are vocal about it.

Rose – I thought it was good turnout and great event. The word did get out well. The Feed My Sheep staff did a great job with cooking. We will make sure that vegetarian options are available for any future events. I liked the idea that we weren’t downtown and that we were in a community that needed to see that people are coming to talk about food.  The process helped a lot. The emails and the shareable links and text really helped a lot. The facilitation really had an impact because it was so easy to forward and share with folks.

Michael – Phenomenal job and we pulled it off. We reached out to those who hadn’t heard about this group and they showed up.  It was a good job and we got it done well. Loved the process, it worked well. The meetings and staying in touch a lot really helped.

Tonya – Ditto to everything. Next time if we’re able to get an account, like constant Contact so that people can just sign up on the spot, that would greatly help us track people and gather their information. Next time, the tabling information could have a better place. Even though it wasn’t official tabling, it would have been nice for people to have a better space to leave their information out for people to grab on their own.  The process was great

Tes – I thought it was great. The flow of the space was a little complicated.

Shannon – I thought it was great.


2) Funding

Jared – Rochelle and Tonya have some funding information that some of you have seen over email. Let’s here those details one more time.

Rochelle – We now have $2,500 to get started for the Task Force from the Durham Diabetes Coalition. I applied for it this in the summer before this group existed for the Durham Food Prosperity Council. Kelly had told me about the grant and I thought it would be a good opportunity to pay for some facilitation assistance. I’m now trying to find a fiscal sponsor to help us accept the funds and use them because we are not officially a non-profit.

Kelly- The grant can go through Duke but it will take longer to receive the funds.

Rochelle – Once I know more, I will be back in touch with the group. I already let Community Food Strategies know; CFS is onboard no matter the timelines to help with facilitation and can get paid retroactively.

Sandy – If the fiscal sponsorship comes through and we need an accountant I can help because I am a trained accountant.

Rochelle – Christy is putting together a work proposal now.

Tonya – Southern Season has a foundation that is giving out a grant called Share The Food. They have the application and they gave initial positive reaction. Applied for $10,000. This would pay for facilitation cost. Also cover backdating expenses for folks that are going to the food council gathering.


Kelly – Share The Food is also known to often give out less than the full amount of $10,000, just be aware.

Tonya – TLC put in another application to the Fletcher Foundation for a part-time contract person that could provide admin to DFFN. Winona and Katherine are working it b/c they have connections with Fletcher and the East Durham Children’s Initiative. The grant has an East Durham focus but could fund facilitation. The idea is that it would be a contract, part time position at TLC that would work directly as administrative support for DFFN and to help shepherd the council bas well as to connect DFFN with other councils.

Kelly – Whole Foods 5% Day would be a great way to raise funds as well if we get a fiscal sponsor.

Bobi – Sorry I am late! I am delighted that everything turned out so well.


3) State Convening

Shannon – Myself, Rose, Kelly, and Tonya are all going to the convening in December in Winston-Salem. We will try to offset the cost as much as we can with scholarships.  We went ahead and requested a room and some mileage. There was a link requesting financial offset.

Kelly – The official registration fee could get covered by the health department if we had an official invoice for a cost for the amount to attend.

Tonya – Same for TLC, we could chip in if I had an invoice.


3) Next Steps

Jared – We need to follow back up with everyone who came to the event and everyone who came to the meeting at the health department back in August. Is anyone willing to take on making this communication to follow up after the forum?

Tonya – We need to send an email to everyone who came. And also give them the opportunity to join the Task Force. Its important to give them the opportunity to join even if they didn’t come to the public event.

Craft the email; notify them that we recruiting one last time, emphasize the time commitment, that you need to show up for it. Emphasize that it’s going to be slow, committed work to getting this developed.

Rose: There could be a limited on the Task Force. Set the max at 40, half may show up. It’ll start to whittle down. Worker bees will stay, and the committed folks will stay. If you say there’s a limit, it may encourage them to join sooner.

Emily: Can we include something in that that has a way for the folks that are not going to join the Task Force, but that still want to engage? We could set up a Google list or a Facebook page.

Rochelle: Durham Food Prosperity Council already has a page that we can convert over to DFFN.  There are already followers who are already interested in these issues and actually a few people joined the page after the public forum.

Sandy – The main concern is keeping people engaged at this point.

Emily: If we can get people to sign up on a listserv then that’s a good way to capture people’s information.

Jared: I can adjust the Google form so that people can RSVP and either join the Task Force and just join the “Network” at this point. And then the Task Force can figure out how to engage with the Network later.

Rochelle: Yes, something like “We have your email address, we will keep you updated. If you would like to follow us on Facebook. “ You can even do Google form with a little drop down – says that they can join the Task Force or join the Network.

Jared: So no one else can send this out? I am willing to send out this last communication as I have been facilitating the group up to this point. I can send out the follow up from the forum and set up next steps for people to engage.

Tonya: You can send it from the DFFN Gmail account so that it can easily be connected to someone else. Send them to the DFFN website and you can the link to the form on the website and put a link to the Facebook also.

Jared – I will send out language sometime by the end of the day tomorrow and adjust the website/form. Rochelle will change the Facebook page over tomorrow as agreed. I need you all to respond to the language that I will be sending to make sure you all agree that everything has been covered. Then I will send it out to ALL contacts by Friday at lunchtime.


4) Adjourn

Jared – Does anyone have any parting thoughts to share or announcements to make?

Tonya – Nov 22 Mt Level Community Haven will have a 90 raised bed and learning center dedication on Nov 22 10:30 – 3:00pm. Health screenings and preservation demonstrations, stuff for the kids.  First Fruits Farm in Franklin County has dedicated 5 of acres on his land to donate to the needy, so we need your help tomorrow if possible!

Rose – Ready to work! Email me if you have families that need toys for tots. We’ll do the handouts on Dec. 22

Emily – Is there anybody who is not represented on this lists of folks that we have that we need to target for active participation? To corporate folks or other folks who are missing? Maybe we should have a meeting in December for folks who are not attending the convening – to talk about engaging more people.

Jared – If you all want to meet in early December to talk about targeted outreach to missing voices between now and the first task force meeting, that is fine.  That will be on my time and I think we can all just meet for an hour and make a plan. Jared will Doodle poll for a date/time to the planning group.

Shannon –I would just like to emphasize that here needs to be a constant flow of information to keep people engaged in this effort.

Kelly – One other comment that I got from people at the county was that to make sure that we are just reinventing the Farmland Advisory Board. We need to make it clear why we’re different. We need to involve those folks more and get them involved in DFFN.

Jared – That’s something we should definitely talk about in December!

Leigh – Was the original email list that was collected invited to the event and kept informed throughout this process?

Jared – Yes, definitely, lots of communication and updating was sent to the large list as well.

Eliza – Food shuttle is hiring Ag staff soon and I’ll be sending around information soon.

Rochelle – We need to follow up again with El Centro to make sure they are invited and they can make invitations to the Hispanic community to join both the Network and the Task Force

Rose – I have the list or contacts for El Centro, let me know if the group needs help reaching out



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