About DFFN

Who We Are

The Durham Farm and Food Network is a grassroots, county-wide collaborative group of diverse, committed, and engaged residents and organizations.


The Durham Farm and Food Network will use the whole systems approach to create partnerships, develop policy, educate, and advocate for improvements to the local food system to encourage a healthy community, environmental stewardship, and economic development.


The Durham Farm and Food Network envisions a healthy community committed to local food and farms, environmentally responsible initiatives, and accessible food for all residents.

How does DFFN work?

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There are three ways to be involved in the Network.

  1. Volunteer: Don’t have time to join meetings but still want to be involved? We are always looking for help with communications, web development, etc. Put your skills to use on your own time! Email info@durhamfarmandfoodnetwork.com
  2. Join an Action Circle: any Durham resident can join at any time!
  3. Apply to serve on the Coordinating Council: anyone who works or lives in Durham can apply.
    • 9 at-large members can serve on the Coordinating Council. Currently, there are 3 vacancies.
    • 8 members are designated from the Action Circles (2 from each Circle). Currently, there are 4 vacancies.

We’re currently accepting Coordinating Council applications for 2017!! Apply here to join the Network!

Action Circles

Action Circles are topic specific groups that will research, develop, and take action on goals and priorities of the Action Circle in coordination with the other Action Circles and Coordinating Council.

Current Action Circles

  • Health Action Circle – Working to ensure the health and well being for all Durham residents by connecting people, food, and the land to promote health and wellness.
  • Economy Action Circle – Working to create jobs by growing and sustaining the long-term economic vitality within Durham’s food system.
  • Justice/Food Access/Hunger Action Circle – Working to create a just food system that provides food for all by improving equity and responding to the needs of the Durham community.
  • Farming and Natural Resources Action Circle – Working to support Durham farmers to be economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

 Expectations and Responsibilities

  1. Support the Action Circle’s goals, policies, and programs
  2. Serve actively on committees and/or sub­committees
  3. Provide input and feedback to the Action Circle
  4. Regularly attends Action Circle meetings
  5. Attends activities and events sponsored by the Action Circle
  6. Remember that you are a part of a larger network and support the vision and mission of DFFN as a whole. 

Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council focuses on organizational development of the Network. It is the communication hub, ensures DFFN work is aligned with the Network’s values, and strategically plans to accomplish the mission and vision of DFFN. The Coordinating Circle consists of 17 members: 2 members of each Action Circle (8 members) and 9 at- large network members.

 Expectations and Responsibilities

  1. Support the Network’s mission, purposes, goals, policies, and programs
  2. Serve actively on committees and/or sub­committees of the Coordinating Council (“Council”)
  3. Provide input and feedback to the Council
  4. Attend activities and events sponsored by the Network and be a representative of the Council


  1. Prepare for and participate in Council and committee meetings, including organizational activities
  2. Ask timely and relevant questions at Council and committee meetings
  3. Express personal conscience and convictions while supporting the majority decision on issues decided upon by the Council
  4. Participate in voting procedures within the Council

Attendance and Participation

  1. Make every effort to attend Council meetings, missing no more than two meetings in a 12 month period (Council meets once every 2 months)
  2. Suggest agenda items for the Council and committee meetings to ensure that the mission and goals are met
  3. Share information with the Council in regards to policy, events, and opportunities for Council participation in the community
  4. Provide up-to-date contact information for Council use